Dentures With Dignity would like to reassure our patients and any visitors to our premises that we are Covid Compliant and  with an extensive Covid Safe plan and manual in place.  We have implemented  additional measures to keep our workplace safe for you and us.

Your health and safety is paramount whilst you are on our premises and in our care. Our clinicians and dental nurse have completed the Infection Control Training for Covid-19 by the Australian Government Department of Health in addition to  extensive webinars provided by the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association. Several levels of Dental Restrictions were imposed by the Australian Government to keep us all safe. We implemented all the required protocols according the dental levels.

We follow the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines provided by the Australian Dental Association for the clinical, laboratory and common areas. In addition to the guidelines we also have  a commercial air purifier in our waiting rooms at our Cheltenham and Elsternwick denture clinics which sterilizes the air and keeping the air clean, we have had our air purifiers for many years and  were relieved we had our purifiers when covid -19 arrived in Australia.

Recently we invested in a fogging machine which uses a Therapeutic Good Association  (TGA) certified nontoxic liquid. The fogging machine gently turns the liquid into a fog mist, and it settles on every surface ensuring that all areas and surfaces are disinfected. This is in addition to our routine cleaning procedures, as an extra layer of protection.

fogging machineOur daily cleaning routine is very strict  and as  we follow  the recommended cleaning protocols and cleaning stages, we also choose to leave our clinical room sit empty between patients for longer than the recommended time to ensure the room is complete safe and ready for the next patient, this is why when making a booking we will ask you to attend exactly at your appointment time and not earlier as we space the appointments times to allow for our cleaning protocols. We only let one patient and a family member or personal carer (if needed) into our premises at a time to ensure no one is crossing over with each other in our waiting area and to comply with our covid safe plan. We use a locked door system where on arrival you press the doorbell and we will let you in, this allows for us to manage who is entering our clinic at any one time. We ask pre screening questions over the phone when making a booking and again on arrival to our clinic. We also take your temperature and keep our Victorian Government workplace attendance register compliant.

We take our infection control extremely seriously and we like to use all disposable single use items in our denture treatments and our autoclave  is used to ensure all our non-disposable metal instruments and burs are heat sterilized.

We are very happy to discuss any of our Covid-19 protocols to help you feel confident knowing that when you enter our clinic we are doing the upmost to keep you covid safe.

To book an appointment at our denture clinic please phone our friendly team today on (03) 9585 8170.