Dentures feeling loose? Perhaps it’s time for a reline. Relines maintain your dentures fitting well and comfortable! Relines are a cost-effective way to revitalize your denture fit.

We offer several types of relines for your convenience and budget, including soft base relines, hard base, direct and gel relines. Please call to enquire about the reline services we offer.

Health fund rebates on the spot claiming available for those with appropriate levels of cover. DVA Gold card holders cover relines and competitive rates available for pensioners.

Denture relines are important to maintain the fit and comfort of your denture typically every 2 to 3 years and 3 to 6 months if you have just had recent extractions. Over time, your jawbone gradually transforms in shape. A reline remodels the surface of the denture to boost retention and comfort. If your dentures are really feeling uncomfortable or loose, it’s probably time to book in for a reline.

Denture relines are required for both partial dentures and also full dentures.

Health insurance onsite direct claiming and DVA Gold Card accepted

Exactly What are Denture Relines?

A denture reline can help extend the life of your dentures and also help preserve comfort and your appearance by reducing the amount the denture sinks downward (for your full lower denture or upward (for your full upper denture). Your dental bone under your gums have the tendency to shrink each year and your dentures can start to really feel looser and unstable. This could affect your eating, your speech, aesthetics and function. Time for a reline.

Dentures With Dignity offer a prompt denture reline service, offering a hard base reline, chairside reline, permanent soft liner reline or a temporary gel reline.

The length of time will it take to reline my denture?

Chair side relines are done whilst you sit in the dental chair and take approximately 1 hour and is the most cost-effective option. A hard base reline generally takes two to three hours and a permanent soft reline takes approximately two days to complete. We offer a temporary clear gel reline for those who have just had teeth extracted and need that additional comfort in the first few weeks before the final reline can be completed whilst the gums heal.

What is good for sore gums from dentures?

Minor denture adjustments or a reline can help stabilise a denture and give more comfort. A lower denture can have a soft base bonded to to it help with comfort and grip if recurring lower gum soreness occurs. We recommend a consultation to help you achieve denture comfort. At times denture discomfort can be resolved with a minor adjustment of the denture .

Do dentures wear out?

Yes over time (many years) the denture teeth can wear down from the chewing action therefore the denture teeth cusps become flatter causing difficulty eating and also lower dentures may begin to slide forward if the denture teeth have flattened. The underlying bone and gums also shrink and reduce over time and the denture will loosen, This is a sign for a reline or a new denture.

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