Full upper (maxillary) and full lower (mandibular) dentures are for patients that have no remaining natural teeth on either the upper or lower arch. Some patients have natural teeth on the lower arch and require an upper full denture only or similarity no lower teeth and upper natural teeth. There are many denture combinations that people require.

A consultation will enable us to create a treatment plan customised for you and your denture needs, we listen to what you like and hope to achieve. We look at your current dentures and indicate areas of improvement for new dentures. We design you new dentures with this information we discussed and keeping you informed along the way with multiple appointments to check each stage.

A complete or full denture is a work of art, hand crafted for optimum aesthetics by the clinicians and our highly qualified dental technicians, we never proceed to a finished denture until the patient is completely happy and we even offer for you to take home a wax base denture to look at in the privacy of your own home before proceeding to the final denture.

Sometimes we make a full upper or lower denture on one arch and a partial denture on the other arch , we match and blend in the natural and artificial teeth seamlessly .We always let you have the main input into the tooth size, shape and most importantly colour of the denture teeth.

Lip support and facial profile are very important when making full dentures. We take time to assess the support you need and always make sure you are happy with the lip profile before we finalize the dentures .

Eating with new dentures can be an initial challenge and minor discomfort may arise but we get you through this and encourage you to return for post treatment adjustments which is all inclusive in your denture fee.

Dentures with Dignity prides itself on creating or restoring your smile, we listen to you!

If you have any concerns or would like additional information relating to full dentures or to book an appointment, get in touch with Dentures With Dignity in Cheltenham today on (03) 9585 8170 or Elsternwick on (03) 9528 1688