Dentures With Dignity offers a caring and compassionate home visit service solution to visit patients for denture treatments in their own home, rehabilitation or aged care facility, we offer this service for  people who find it difficult or near impossible to venture out to the clinic.

Dentures With Dignity offers a unique and professional service, understanding the level of care, compassion, trust  and attention to detail required ensuring the best outcomes for all patients. Communication and Care are key values Dentures with Dignity believes are integral to developing successful relationships with aged care facilities, their residents and their families.

We are fully equipped with a mobile kit that enables us to conduct a complete denture treatment service in the home setting. We are meticulous about infection control and follow the strict standards of the Australian Dental Association and quality control.

Dentures With Dignity understands that a persons dignity is very important and this involves providing personalized denture treatments with care, comfort, privacy and the ability of our skilled clinicians to respond to individual needs to create denture confidence in comfort eating talking and restoring a smile.

A full treatment plan is provided to the relevant persons whether this be the patient, a power of attorney, medical decision maker or family member. Typically the care facility will advise us of the relevant person to obtain consent for treatment from. We proceed with treatment when written consent is obtained from the appropriate persons and we liaise with family as the treatment progresses to keep everyone updated. We pride ourselves on our communication with the care facilities, patients and families. We offer a prompt home visit service and attend suburbs in the south and southeast of Melbourne.   

Vanessa Henry has completed various and numerous local and international studies on Dementia and Alzheimer’s and is well recognized in her profession as a leader and presenter in this field as a Dental Prosthetist.  Vanessa and her team are more than happy to discuss all aspects of the home visit service Dentures With Dignity offers over the phone or in person. We are just a phone call away to help. 

If you have any type of enquiry or to make an appointment call Dentures With Dignity in Cheltenham today on (03) 9585 8170.