immediate denturesImmediate dentures are simply an immediate replacement when your natural teeth are removed by a dentist or oral surgeon you have replacement teeth straight away.

Immediate dentures are made on referral from your dentist or oral surgeon where we pre make the denture for you whilst you still have your natural teeth in place. Then when you have your extractions the dentist or surgeon place in the new denture straight away and you leave your appointment with your new smile.

Immediate denture can be full dentures or partial dentures it depends on the clinical decision for your dentist or oral surgeon as to which teeth are being extracted. We follow the referral and you attend our clinic for approximately three appointments then return and either collect your new denture or we deliver it to the surgeon or dentist so its ready for your dental extraction day. We liaise closely with the referring practitioner and make sure everything is timed perfectly for you to ensure you have your denture ready when you have your extractions.

As you have your natural teeth still when we see you for treatment, we use our expertise to judge the placement of the denture teeth to create your new smile. We also ask that your return in the week after your extractions so we can comfort adjust your new denture and modify the bite if needed.

Not all immediate dentures are full dentures; sometimes we just need to add a new tooth to an existing denture and we do this prior as an immediate addition so you don’t have “gaps” after the extractions.

Just how are immediate dentures done?

Once you have your referral from your dentist, we then see you to commence the treatment for making you a new immediate denture. We take intra oral impressions, discus and select the appropriate tooth shade, sometimes when a patient wants minimal change we follow the shape and position of the remaining natural teeth but if your remaining natural teeth are broken we then discus the best aesthetic results that you would like to achieve, we listen to what you would like for your new smile. We assess your bite and the create a wax template for you to view, although we cannot try the finished product in the mouth we endeavor to create our immediate dentures with expertise and years of experience.

Just what will immediate dentures resemble?

An immediate denture looks like a full or partial acrylic base denture but the difference is we haven’t been able to pre try it in your mouth before your extractions. , sometimes initial swelling can mean the new denture doesn’t quite seat in fully for a few days , but don’t worry the swelling recedes and your denture settles in .We help you with comfort adjustments when needed. Due to the fact we are unable to pre try in your finished denture so you can see the final look in your mouth at times we refer to immediate dentures are transitional dentures and some patients like to have another denture made in 6 months to 2 year’s time so they have a new denture and keep the immediate denture as a spare.

Adjusting to Immediate Dentures

It’s extremely important that you comply with the directions of your oral surgeon or dentist post extractions carefully as this can aid in healing and comfort in your recovery from your extractions. Typically, you may be asked to wear your new immediate dentures for 1-3 days before removing them to help with swelling and minimize any bleeding from the extraction sites, the dentist or surgeon will advise you on what they prefer you to do post extractions. Dental hygiene is important following extractions, and your dentist or surgeon will give you instructions to follow. It is imperative that if you are experiencing pain or excessive swelling or bleeding from your gums to contact your dentist or oral surgeon immediately. When a patient experiences discomfort adjusting to a new immediate denture in the weeks following the extractions sometimes we place a temporary gel liner in the denture to help with comfort , called a tissue conditioner.

Maintaining Immediate Dentures

You may require a denture reline in the following 3 to 6 months after your new immediate denture has been inserted as the underlying dental bone recedes casing the dentures to become loose, unfortunately this is a natural occurrence. A reline will help re-secure your denture fit and may even improve the original fit. Relines are an additional fee.

Can you get your teeth pulled and dentures in the same day?

Yes, this type of treatment is an Immediate Denture which is where we take dental impressions prior to the extractions and make a denture that can be inserted on the same day but with the dental professional extracting the teeth. Pre planning for immediate dentures is required.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about an immediate denture is that we are here for you before and after, as it can be a difficult time adjusting to a new denture for the first time.

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