Implant retained over dentures offer a premium outcome for any denture wearer. Perpetually loose, gagging and or a history of problematic dentures can typically be corrected with denture implants. Your dental specialist will guide you through a pre screening and treatment course when deciding if implants are for you.

There are many factors to consider when contemplating dental implants. Your dental specialist (Prosthodontist, Oral surgeon, Periodontist) or combination of all three in conjunction with your dentist are best equipped to answer all your questions and determine your suitability for dental implants and plan the treatments.

As your dental prosthetist at Dentures With Dignity we can certainly treat you once your implants are in place and your specialist advises you are ready for a removable overdenture we can then treat you to fit dentures over your implants. The benefits we see with implant over dentures are dramatically improved denture stability, denture confidence, increased eating pressure, minimized gum pressure and soreness and also can reduce further bone loss.

Ongoing implant denture maintenance

Implant dentures still require maintenance as the locator caps on the denture that clip on the implants can loosen the “grip “over time so will be needed to be replaced. This is a quick process of about 30 minutes to replace the locator caps. Over time the internal denture housings can wear and may need to be replaced in the denture, also a denture reline may be needed as the years pass. But don’t worry as the maintenance is minor compared to the amazing benefits of an implant retained over denture.

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