Say goodbye to trying to fit a DIY mouthguard for your children at home with hot water and a not so willing patient! Don’t let it end with a falling mouthguard or trying over and over again to ‘get it right’, we are here to help you with a custom-made mouthguard. It only takes one 5 minute appointment and the results will have you never reaching for an over the counter mouthguard kit again.

Dentures With Dignity offers a custom mouthguard service for all ages to protect you or your child’s teeth when playing sports. A mouthguard is clear or colored and fits over your teeth perfectly  to safeguard from potential damage from impact, we take moulds of your teeth and form your mouthguard in our dental laboratory to precisely fit over your teeth and gums to create a secure, protective  and importantly a comfortable fit.

If you or your child plays sport, a mouthguard might be a mandatory. But if a mouthguard is not mandatory for the sport it is important to take measures to protect the teeth from an accident, knock or fall on the sporting ground, court or field. A mouth guard is a great preventative measure against dental damage from impact.  We would like to assist to help protect you or your child’s teeth compared to the experience, trauma and pain (and expense) linked with a lost tooth /teeth and the future implications.  

Kinds of mouthguards

There are several sorts of mouthguards readily available on the marketplace today, consisting of custom-made mouthguards by a dental professional, consisting of a single layer for juniors  or laminated layer for teens and adults or the ‘over the counter boil and bite’ mouthguards.

Custom made mouthguards are the premium option for a mouthguard but not necessarily the most expensive!

We have patients and parents  telling us they go through many boil and bite mouthguards from the chemist or sporting goods store in a sports season as they are trying to find one that fits properly or it becomes too loose and they have to replace it. Therefore, boil and bite mouthguards are not always the most affordable option offered and often are not worn as uncomfortable. We have many patients and parents who utilize their private health insurance and are either fully covered or the gap is less than an over the counter boil and bite mouthguard!


What is a Custom-fitted mouthguard?

mouthguard colour rangeA custom fitted or personalized mouthguard will only fit you as they are moulded on top of a replica of a plaster mould of your teeth and  offer the most comfort and are protective for your teeth against impacts.

How much do mouth guards cost?

If you have private health insurance with dental extras  it may be fully covered with no gap and if there is a gap its typically very low for example $5 to $30 ?

If there is no private health insurance a custom fitted mouthguard typically costs $120 for a single layer junior mouthguard or $140 for a laminated mouthguard (two layers) for the teens and adults

How long do mouth guards take?

The appointment is approximately 5 minutes and you can collect them typically the next day but if we are in a peak mouthguard season it may take 2 to 3 days. We can also accommodate an emergency same day mouthguard  treatment for when one is needed in a hurry!

Why do some mouthguards have two layers?

A standard mouthguard is a single layer which offers a protective covering and is softer than a dual laminate mouthguard which has an additional  thin clear layer over the top to make the mouthguard more protective for the older teen and adults or for certain sports like boxing and hockey. Also your name can be inserted between the layers.

pressure formed mouthguardMy childs teeth are still growing ?

We make mouthguards  for younger patients with growing  (erupting) teeth and about to loose “baby” teeth

But we expertly access the plaster models before forming the mouthguard and allow space for the growing tooth to grow down and the mouthguard  should still fit at the end of the sports season !

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