Dentures – full and partial

The team at Dentures With Dignity use the latest technology to create dentures that feel, fit and look just right. Achieve a natural smile and comfortable bite you are completely satisfied with at Dentures With Dignity. We use only the highest quality materials and make and fit your dentures on the premises. Relax in our calm and relaxing environment knowing that you are receiving the very best and latest in professional denture care.

Technologically advanced impression procedures

Are you concerned about impressions? At Dentures With Dignity we use the latest and best techniques for taking impressions to ensure optimal results and customer comfort. If you require impressions for your next denture treatment you can rest easy knowing that we use advanced materials for taking impressions, so there may be no need for an uncomfortable mouthful of the traditional impression material.

Denture Repairs while you wait!

We repair most types of dentures in just one hour. Dentures with Dignity use an advanced acrylic method to repair and restore your dentures. Emergency dentures – We have the facilities to make and repair dentures urgently for those who find themselves requiring denture treatment in an urgent or emergency situation.

Denture Relines

Relines in two hours. Dentures should be relined when they get loose, usually about every two years. This involves taking an impression of your mouth and relining the denture to fit. Adding teeth or clasps to existing dentures In just 90 minutes, we can take an impression and add a tooth or clasp using the very best quality materials available.