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dentures with dignity

Dentures With Dignity Denture Clinics - Dentures with quality service and care

Dentures with Dignity based in Cheltenham and Elsternwick offer a high quality denture service with care and professionalism.  Clinic appointments are available at both locations, and also  offering a home/ aged care mobile denture service to many Melbourne suburbs.

During our consultations we offer all options to create the best outcome for you, we use high quality products to achieve the best results. We are here to help you create your smile.

Utilizing our onsite dental laboratory, the dental technician and the clinician work closely together to manufacture our denture appliances to a high quality and in a timely manner. The benefit of having our own onsite dental laboratory is that we can closely control the workflow and quality and do same day emergency denture repairs. We can also accommodate emergency denture treatments if a lost denture needs to be replaced in a hurry!

Also wouldn’t it be great for those less mobile to be able to choose between visiting a denture clinic and requesting mobile home services when needed. Thanks to Dentures with Dignity, you can have both.

Custom dentures

Full upper and lower dentures




Mouth guards


Soft liners

Implant retained dentures

Metal frame partial dentures

Department of Veteran Affairs

Victorian Denture Scheme


Vanessa offers a unique, professional service, understanding the level of care, compassion and attention to detail required to ensure the best outcomes for her patients.

A full comprehensive denture treatment plan is provided for each patient and where home visits are required Dentures With Dignity liaises with Power of Attorneys, State Trustees or Guardians to obtain consent.

Appreciating that a person’s dignity is very important, Vanessa combines personalised care with comfort, privacy and the ability to respond to individual needs. In return, Vanessa’s patients achieve denture confidence in comfort, eating, talking and smiling.

Dentures vary in cost depending on type of denture and how many teeth and other components involved. We recommend having a consultation to determine an accurate quote and for an approximate indication of price we can chat to you over the phone.

Typically after any teeth extractions the patient may have to wait around four to six weeks for healing before we start any intra oral impressions. This time frame can can vary and we are guided by the dentist who extracted the teeth and the patients general healing of the gums.

We manufacture dentures in our onsite dental laboratory therefore we can accommodate urgent denture request but typically a denture treatment can take approximately three weeks.

A denture is a custom fitted device that aims to replace the lost natural teeth to aid in function, eating, speech and aesthetics. A denture can be made as either a full denture where no natural teeth remain or a partial denture to fit in with the existing natural teeth. Dentures are considered removable devices.

Currently dentures are not subsidised by Medicare.

This depends on a lot of factors, if you wear a partial denture and experience further tooth loss your denture may need to be modified, or if aged /worn down and to loose may need to be remade . On average dentures can last up to 8 to 10 years but these are an indication only as various factors need to be considered with changing mouth shapes and wear of the denture teeth.

New dentures can cause an initial discomfort during the ‘wearing in’ phase but this is generally seen in the first two weeks and after care appointments for comfort adjustments are very important to help patients through this process.

Once the new denture have settled in many patients advise us they are back to eating harder food but after a bit of practice and patience at the beginning.

Dentures are made with phonetics (speech) taken into consideration and tested at different stages through the treatment. It can be common for initial speech disturbance to be present at the beginning but this generally settles within hours to days.

New dentures at times can be uncomfortable or sore if an area of the denture rubs on your gums. When you have a new denture this can occur in the first days. The first few days can take some time to adapt and it’s perfectly fine to at times remove your denture and rest your mouth. This may be all you need but if discomfort persists call for an adjustment.

Most taste buds are located on the tongue, dentures do not generally alter taste but more the sensation of the temperature of food as the dentures cover areas of the upper palate and lower lower gums.

Dentures should not be noticeable when made using skilled practitioners and technicians and quality materials. We use a ‘mock denture’ stage in our treatment process where we create a wax replica of the proposed final denture to pre check the speech, lip profile, tooth position, bite and aesthetics before proceeding to the final acrylic denture. This stage is very important and as a team we work together to achieve the best results for our patients and strive for a blend between natural and artificial.

You will need to have a denture consultation to determine the best appliance for you taking into account any remaining natural teeth and if full dentures needed we like to discus the outcomes we can help you achieve.