A partial denture is a removable appliance replacing 1 or more lost natural teeth. It is held in place by being expertly designed and engineered to maximize fit and stability and in most cases with the aid of clasps on some selected natural teeth but don’t worry we endeavor to ‘hide’ the clasps as much as possible and in some instances we even make the clasps clear or tooth shaded ! Most modern denture materials are now lightweight and durable.

Our treatment focus for partial dentures is to integrate natural and artificial teeth together so its almost undetectable which are the artificial teeth.

Generally removeable partial dentures are available in different kinds of bases, pink or clear acrylic, metal cobalt chromium or titanium (silver in color) or pink flexible bases. With a metal frame denture base the denture teeth are set in pink acrylic to help secure them to the base and to blend in with the natural pink colour of the gums.

A partial denture is designed to offer maximum aesthetics effects, function and minimal coverage of the palate to help with speech, function and taste .

Which partial denture is for me?

Don’t worry we will guide you through the decision making process when it comes to partial dentures during a consultation . Whist the metal frames are strong and thin and very firmly fitted it’s not suited to everyone, acrylic bases are slightly thicker but can be more versatile when adding teeth if further tooth loss occurs and in certain instances a partial acrylic denture can be modified to convert it into a full denture if all natural teeth are lost. Both styles of partial dentures have amazing benefits.

Partial Denture Evaluation

A consultation with the dental prosthetist is needed when determining they best type of partial dentures for you. We consider the amount of lost natural teeth, the position of the missing teeth, the stability of the remaining natural teeth and the gingival health. We like our partial denture patients to have seen their general dentist recently to ensure the “foundations” are in good order before making a new denture. If you do not have a regular dentist, we can always offer suggestions for your local area and both locations at Cheltenham and Elsternwick have general dentists nearby.

Once we have made your partial denture we like to maintain it for you, you may be need your clasps tightened over time as they can flex and loosen , please allow us to do this for you as we have the correct equipment to do so. Most importantly if you break your denture please don’t go to the cupboard and get out the super glue! It can make repairing a broken denture more costly if a super glue “home repair” is attempted.

We use one of the highest quality world recognised tooth brands at Dentures With Dignity to extend the life and function of your dentures.

Cleaning Partial Dentures

We recommend cleaning your partial as needed during the day as food can sit under a partial denture which if left over time can irritate the gums. After meals some patients like to quickly rinse their partial denture then clean more thoroughly at night and even soak overnight in denture specific cleaning solutions, or even clean and leave out of water. Check out the video for hints and tips on how to hold your partial denture whilst cleaning to avoid damage . We will always give you denture cleaning information when we insert your new dentures. Some patients like to keep their partial denture in at night, this is totally your choice but just remember to clean your partial dentures out of your mouth whilst brushing your natural teeth and use a soft denture brush to clean your dentures which avoids scratches on the surface of the denture.

If you have any questions and need more information about partial dentures or to schedule a consultation, get in touch with Dentures With Dignity in Cheltenham today on (03) 9585 8170. Or Elstenwick on (03) 9528 1688