Losing your teeth to illness or injury does not mean you need to bid farewell to an eye-catching smile. Partial dentures are a great solution to ‘filling the gaps’ when tooth loss occurs and you still have some of your natural teeth left, we can help you even if you have lost just one tooth! Partial dentures are made from different types of materials. Flexible dentures may be a solution for you if you prefer to have no visible clasps, have had a previous localized reaction to acrylic dentures or you just need one tooth on the side added! Flexible partial dentures do have a more limited life span and are not suitable for every case.

The materials we use for flexible dentures at Dentures With Dignity are repairable as unfortunately, we may be unable to repair a flexible denture if made elsewhere as not all flexible denture brands are repairable. 

Flexible dentures are constructed from softer product compared to acrylic dentures, at a consultation for flexible dentures we advise you of the wonderful benefits and any shortcomings of flexible dentures. When prescribed for the right presentation and course of treatment flexible dentures are an amazing alternative to rigid acrylic dentures.

Clasps on flexible dentures tend to sit just above the tooth on the gum rather than on the tooth, resulting in an ‘invisible’ look. Flexible dentures are warmed up in warm water which allows then to flex whilst you are inserting them each morning. The beautiy of a flexible denture is that if you accidentally drop then while cleaning or handling them they don’t break like an acrylic denture if dropped!

Flexible dentures give an option for patients that cannot tolerate standard dentures. Flexible denture are thin and perfect for specific applications.

Flexible dentures are among the several alternatives with partial dentures to help restore that natural and get you back smiling again .

If you have any questions and require more information regarding flexible dentures or to book a consultation, call Dentures With Dignity in Cheltenham today on (03) 9585 8170. Or at Elsternwick on (03) 9528 1688